To integrate research, education and diversity, we have developed two outreach/education programs: (1) a research/teaching collaborative program with Dr. Mark Melton, St. Augustine’s University, a Historically Black College, in Raleigh NC, and (2) a teacher/scientist team program collaborating with Dr. Valerie Brown-Schlid of The Kenan Fellows Program. Thomas Easley, the Diversity Director of our College at NCSU, coordinated these programs.



Outreach through the Kenan Fellows Program is organized for curriculum and leadership development for K-12 public school teachers. The program promotes growth opportunities for teachers through a competitive two-year fellowship that has a Summer Institute for Inquiry Based Learning component and a Summer Research Experience, where the teacher is assigned to work in a laboratory, institute, or company. Ms. Sara Morey was selected to collaborate with us on a project: A Systems Biology Approach to Understanding Lignin Production. 

2010 May 07 Kenan Senechel.ppt describes the development of inquiry based biotechnology lessons. A genetic engineering component that describes "Using electrical circuits to model biochemical pathways.

2011 May 06 Kenan Fellowship Morey-3.ppt describes how the project "uses Biotechnology to Understand Lignin Production", and the development and formulation of three lessons on: Introduction to Lignin Biosynthesis, Genetic Transformation, and DNA Fingerprinting.

2012 June 07 Sara Morey.ppt describes the program components, activities, findings, mentor responsibilities and the two-year timeline for this project.

Mentors for this program were: Ron Sederoff (NCSU), Joel Ducoste (NCSU), Ying-Hsuan Sun (NCSU) and Vincent Chiang (NCSU).


—The outreach programs providing students with opportunities to engage in hands-on activities related to biotechnology applications of the techniques: Middle school students in Ms. Sara Morey's class.



The objectives were to provide a Summer Research Experience in Plant Genomics and to foster a closer relationship between NCSU and St. Augustine's University, a Historically Black College here in Raleigh, NC, through a St. Augustine's faculty member, Mark Melton.

Two undergraduates were selected, Courtney Mosley (St. Aug) and Jaron Hinton (NCSU), who conducted research in the Forest Biotechnology Laboratory for eight weeks in 2010. Each student presented results at the NCSU Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium, August 5th, 2010. 

2010 May 07 REU ducoste.ppt describes the objectives, the process, the students, and the schedule for the outreach program.

2011 May 06 Summer REU presentation retreat Ducoste-2.pptx describes an update on the research performed and a description of the work proposed for 2012. 

Ms. Courtney Mosley won 1st Place in the St. Augustine's Annual Research Presentation Competition.

Two new undergraduates were selected for work in 2012. Jamian Smith (St. Aug) and Ransford Damptey (NCSU) to work on the modeling technologies of this project.

2012 June 07 Joel Ducoste_Summer REU presentation retreat-2.ppt describes the work done in 2012 by Jamian Smith (St. Aug) and Ransford Damptey (NCSU). Joaquin Green (St. Aug) and Liya Weldegebriel (NCSU) were selected for work in 2013.

Our outreach to St. Augustine's University has been part of the Academic Enhacement of the Biology Degree Program at St. Augustine's University, as highlighted in Presentation of Dr. Mark Melton in NSF TIP ECA Meeting 2014.

Mentors: Joel Ducoste (NCSU), Thomas Easley (NCSU), Ron Sederoff (NCSU), Vincent Chiang (NCSU) and Mark Melton (St. Aug).