Project Team

Members of the team are listed. Click on the name for a link to more detailed information 

North Carolina State University

Forest Biotechnology Group

Vincent L. Chiang (PI)

Ron R. Sederoff (Co-PI)

Quanzi Li

Jie Liu

Rui Shi

Ying-Hsuan Sun

Chenmin Yang

Hsi-Chuan Chen (Ph. D. student 2008-2012)

Sermsawat Tunlaya-anukit (Ph. D. student 2010-2015)

Jack P. Wang (Ph. D. student 2007-2012)

Ying-Chung Lin (Ph. D. student 2009-2014)

Chien-Yuan Lin (Ph. D. student 2010-2015)


Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources

Fikret Isik (Co-PI)


Department of Chemistry

David Muddiman

Chris Shuford (Ph. D. student 2007-2012)

Reza Ghiladi


Department of Wood and Paper Science

Hou-Min Chang

Ewellyn Capanema


Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

Joel Ducoste (Co-PI)

Punith Naik (Ph. D. student 2010-present)


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Cranos Williams

Jina Song (Ph. D. student 2007-2014)

Megan Matthews (Ph. D. student 2011-present) 

Zohaib Khalid Qazi (Ph. D. student 2012-present)

Shanna Hayes (M.S. student 2013-present)

Bioinformatics Research Center

Chris Smith



Thomas Easley


Kenan Fellow

Sara Morey (Biology teacher, Wakefield High School, Raleigh, North Carolina)


University of Wisconsin Madison

DOE Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center

John Ralph (Co-PI)


National Taiwan University

School of Forestry and Resource Conservation

Ting-Feng Yeh


St. Augustine's college

Department of Biological and Physical Sciences

Mark Melton