Students Supported

Chien-Yuan Lin
Ph.D. award date: 2015
Ph.D. Thesis Title: Regulation of 3-Hydroxylation in Monolignol Biosynthesis and Identification of a Lignin Peroxidase in Populus trichocarpa (Link to thesis to be provided by NCSU in the near future).
Ying-Chung Lin
Ph.D. award date: 01-Jul-2014
Ph.D. Thesis: Transcriptional Regulatory Functions of NAC Domain Proteins in Wood Formation in Populus trichocarpa (Link to the thesis to be provide by NCSU in the near future)
Sermsawat Tunlaya-anukit
Ph.D. award date: 04-Dec-2014
Jina Song
Ph.D. award date: 20-Mar-2014
Zachary David Millar
M.S. award date: 22-Aug-2013
Zhichang Yang
M.S. award date: 19-Jun-2013
Jack P. Wang
Ph.D. award date: 26-Jul-2012
Hsi-Chuan Chen
Ph.D. award date: 26-jul-2012
Christopher Shuford
Ph.D. award date: 23-Mar-2012