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4th February 2016
We are aware that the version of PowerMarker available from this site is nonfunctional, giving a message that it has expired. We are trying to find a copy of the original source code to recompile PowerMarker, but we are not very hopeful about that. Even though it remains widely used, we have not supported or updated PowerMarker for over 10 years. At this point the only way to run the software is by changing your computer.s calendar date. Please watch the web site for a message announcing either a revised download or the end of PowerMarker.

System requirement
Steps to use PowerMarker( New user)
Steps to update PowerMarker (Old user)
  • The current version is 3.25. Check your version from Help | About PowerMarker.
  • If your version is older than the current version, then download the latest PowerMarker and reinstall it. You may or may not need to uninstall the old version at first.