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Composite interval mapping preceeds multiple interval mapping

Change into the ci subdirectory. Run the following set of commands:

% SRmapqtl -A -V -X mletest
% Zmapqtl -A -V -M 6
% Eqtl -A -V -S 12.0
% cp mletest.eqt mletestPhase0.mqt
% MImapqtl -A -V -I sMPrTseC -p 1 
% MImapqtl -A -V -I sMPrtSeC

Compare the mletestPhase*.mqt files to the true model in mletest.qtl. The first is the model as estimated from composite interval mapping. The second is a reduced model in which MImapqtl has deleted non-significant QTL. The third (mletestPhase2.mqt) contains a model after MImapqtl has searched for more QTL. Is this final model closer to the true model than the model obtained by the analysis in the previous section? How long did this whole process take?

Christopher Basten 2002-03-27