BIO 432 (Evolutionary Medicine)

Instructors:  Marianne Niedzlek-Feaver
Jeff Thorne

Monday and Wednesday:  4:30PM - 5:45PM

Classroom: Starting January 17, we will meet in Room 102 of David Clark Labs (January 10 and 12 class sessions will be via Zoom).

Course Syllabus
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Course Notes for Marianne Niedzlek-Feaver Lectures
TENTATIVE Lecture Schedule
Introductory Lecture Slides (01/10/22)
Introduction to Phylogeny (02/9/22)

Evolution and HIV origins (02/14/22)

Evolution and HIV part 2 (02/14/22)

A little about Epidemiology and Evolution (02/16/22)

A little about Influenza and Evolution (02/16/22)

A little about population genetics (02/21/22)

A little about our pandemic (02/23/22)

Slides from Lenora Kepler guest lecture were distributed via email (02/28/22)

A little about human genetic organization and gene mapping (03/2/22)

Genetic Pest Management (03/21/22)

Slides about cancer and evolution were distributed via email (03/21/22)

NCSU Genetics and Genomics seminar series (Mondays, 1:30PM)

Triangle Center for Evolutionary Medicine (TRICEM)

Club EvMed (TRICEM)