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Publications authored/co-authored by Jeffrey L. Thorne

Note: I am not listed as an author or co-author on publications from my group unless I have made a substantial contribution.  As a result, a number of excellent publications have come from my research group but are not listed here.

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Book Review:

Thorne JL (1997) Review of Molecular Evolution by V.A. Ratner et al. Theoretical Population Biology 51:252-253. (PDF file)

Conference Proceedings:

Kishino, H., Thorne, J.L., Seo, T.-K., Kajitani, Y. (2003) Modeling of variable evolutionary rates to estimate divergence times and adaptive evolution. Proceedings of the Conference Science of Modeling: the 30th Anniversary of Information Criterion (AIC). pp. 297-306.

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Thorne JL, Goldman N, Jones DT (1995) Combining protein secondary structure and evolution. DIMACS: Proceedings of Phylogeny Workshop. DIMACS TechnicalReport 95-48 (October 1995), pp. 62-64. (invited submission)

Technical Report:

Thorne JL, Churchill GA. Estimation and Reliability of Molecular Sequence Alignments, 1993. Cornell University BU-1201-M


I wrote the software "statalign". These programs align pairs of sequences,detect sequence regions of potential functional importance, and infer evolutionary trees.  I also wrote the "multidivtime" software for estimating evolutionary rates and divergence times.


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