GN 756 / ST 756 (Computational Molecular Evolution)

Instructor: Jeff Thorne

Monday and Wednesday and Friday:  11:45A.M. - 12:35 P.M.

Room 461 in Riddick Hall


Tentative (!) Lecture Schedule

Lecture Notes 8/22/18 [ Introduction]

Lecture Notes 8/24/18 [ Introduction to Models of Sequence Evolution]

Lecture Notes 8/31/18 [ Introduction to Parsimony]

Lecture Notes 9/10/18 [ Topology Searching]

Lecture Notes 9/12/18 [ Distance Methods]

Lecture Notes 9/26/18 [ Bootstrap in Phylogenetics and the Pruning Algorithm]

Lecture Notes 10/8/18 [Model Comparison with maximum likelihood ]

Lecture Notes 10/10/18 [Bayesian Phylogenetics]

Lecture Notes 10/29/18 [Introduction to the Coalescent]

Lecture Notes 11/2/18 [Estimating Interspecific Divergence Times]

Lecture Notes 11/14/18 [just a bit about Codon Models and DIVERSIFYING Positive Selection]

Lecture Notes 11/19/18 [promising directions for more realistic models]

Lecture Notes 11/26/18 [a very small bit about the comparative method]

Lecture Notes 11/30/18 [a very small bit about viral evolution]

Class Project Guidelines

Overview of probability facts and jargon