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JZmapqtl will create a number of different output files depending on the number of traits in the joint analysis. There will be one file per trait that has estimates for the parameters for that trait. These files will end in .z#, where # is a number indicating the trait. There will be one other file, ending in .z0 that contains the results of the joint liklihood ratio.

The joint results file ending in .z0 will have four columns corresponding to the chromosome, marker, markername and test position. Then there will be column giving the joint liklihoods for the test position for all possible hypothesis tests (see next section).

The single trait files, ending in .z#, will have the results for the numbered trait. In addition to the chromosome, marker, markername and test position, the likelihood ratio and parameter estimates will be given. All columns are labelled, and the parameters are the same as explained in the Zmapqtl section.

Christopher Basten 2002-03-27