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Pruning Datasets Interactively

The pruning of datasets occurs in an interactive menu. After setting parameters in the first menu, continue on to the second interactive menu where actions can be taken. The second interactive menu looks like this:
You can loop through items 1-6, but 7-11 terminate.

 No.                Action  
  1. Eliminate A- marker systems (P1 dominant)
  2. Eliminate a- marker systems (P2 dominant)
  3. Eliminate marker m on chromosome c
  4. Eliminate trait t
  5. Eliminate individuals with missing phenotypes for trait t
  6. Eliminate individuals with more than m% missing markers
  7. Bootstrap the data
  8. Permute the traits in the data
  9. Simulate m% missing markers
 10. Simulate m% dominant markers
 11. Simulate m% selective genotyping
 12. Write modified dataset and exit
 13. Exit without writing anything

    Pick a number to do an action...


Christopher Basten 2002-03-27