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A General Test

Suppose you have unzipped the Windows version of QTL Cartographer and it all resides in c:$\backslash$QTLCartWin. Further, suppose you create a subdirectory of c:$\backslash$QTLCartWin called test. If you open a command window and cd to the c:$\backslash$QTLCartWin$\backslash$bin directory, you could test the QTL Cartographer system with the following set of commands.

c:\QTLCartWin\bin> Rmap -W ..\test -X test -A -V
c:\QTLCartWin\bin> Rqtl -A -V -q 4
c:\QTLCartWin\bin> Rcross -A -V 
c:\QTLCartWin\bin> Qstats -A -V
c:\QTLCartWin\bin> LRmapqtl -A -V
c:\QTLCartWin\bin> SRmapqtl  -V
c:\QTLCartWin\bin> Zmapqtl -M 6  -V
c:\QTLCartWin\bin> Eqtl -A -V

(Note that c:$\backslash$QTLCartWin$\backslash$bin$>$ is the command line prompt). You would then find a number of files in the c:$\backslash$QTLCartWin$\backslash$test subdirectory. Look at their contents.

For the Macintosh versions of the programs, you could double click on the icons and put the command line options in the box that pops up. For example, you would double-click the Rmap program and put -W ::test -X test -A -V in the box for the first command.

Christopher Basten 2002-03-27