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        % Rmap -o Map.out -c 23 -vm 3 -vd 1 -t 5

Simulates a random map where the number of markers on each of 23 chromosomes has a normal distribution with mean 16 and standard deviation 3. The intermaker distance is normally distributed with mean 10 cM and standard deviation 1. There will be some genetic material outside the flanking markers on each chromosome, with a mean length of 5 cM and standard deviation 0.5.

        % Rmap -o Map.out -i map.mps  

Opens the file map.mps, tries to determine its format, and translates it if possible. The output will be written to the file Map.out. The extension .mps should be used with MAPMAKER output files and the string -filetype mapmaker.mps should be put somewhere in the first twenty lines of the file.

Christopher Basten 2002-03-27