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Notational Conventions

We will attempt to follow certain conventions in this manual.

  1. Computer hostnames, C language subroutines and new terms will be italized. Example: The main server for QTL Cartographer is

  2. Directories (and folders), filenames and computer commands was well as program names will be in bold type. Example: Rmap produces an output file called qtlcart.rc in the folder Macintosh HD:QTLCartMac:test.

  3. The content of files and snippets of code will be in the verbatim environment, which is a fixed width font.

    	set i=1
    	while ( i < 10 )
    	Rmap -A -V
    	@ i++

    UNIX commands will also be in this typeface. Also, a percent sign (%) should be understood to mean the UNIX prompt when in the context of UNIX commands.

Christopher Basten 2002-03-27