Technical Support
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Ensure you have the latest release
1.Select Help>About WinQTLCart and look at the software release date. Click on the Update Site link to go to, the WinQTLCart release page.  
2.If the date on the page is more recent, then scroll down to the Downloads section and get the latest copy.  
3.Upgrading to a new version of WinQTLCart does not overwrite your working files. However, the upgrade will replace the sample files that are part of the WinQTLCart distribution.  

If you have questions
Send an email to WinQTLCart Tech Support at <>. Please include the following details in your mail:
·WinQTLCart version you're using  
·Describe the task you're trying to accomplish, what you expected to see, and what WinQTLCart actually did  
·Please describe the error message you received (if any)