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BRC Cluster Workshop


Accessing the Cluster

Cluster Update 2021

The 2021 update of the cluster is now complete. This link is here just for reference.

Using the Cluster

Example scripts mentioned throughout the following pages can be found on the cluster in /home/cluster_workshop. (Look for the “Files:” notes embedded in the text.)

When you have logged in to the cluster, Which software is in your path is controlled by “Environment Modules”.

The job management software is SLURM. SLURM basics are described on the next few links.

A quick summary of how to use the cluster…

The cluster is a shared resource. Please read this page about how to share nicely…

Containers on the cluster…

(You can use Docker containers through Singularity.)

Leaving the Cluster

Bits and Pieces


Other BRC Computing Resources

For Admins Only

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